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You have 15 days from the date of purchase to request a refund and return your items. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a refund or store credit. We will return/refund the full amount you paid less the shipping charges.  

Since your returned item will be resold, the product needs to be new, with the original packaging. You are responsible for return shipping and any damage that might occur on the way back. No returns or exchanges on any product that has been used in the water.

Freight shipping is subject to delays due to the nature of transport. Once your item has shipped you are responsible for any shipping charges and/or return charges applicable to your order. No returns permitted due to unforeseen delays due to acts of god, holiday closures or any trucking company delays. There are no guarantees on delivery dates when shipping freight. Once your order is delivered you are responsible for any and all freight charges to return the item to our store. Freight items returned damaged will not be accepted. 

Email us to begin the return process.

What To Expect When You Place Your Order:

  • Order confirmation / receipt email 

  • Orders will typically ship one day after order is received not including weekends.  

  • Shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when order is shipped


For international orders, you are responsible for all import duties and taxes you may incur. For more information about shipping and shipping costs, please e-mail us or call 863-967-9782.


Someone must be available to accept the delivery.  If you are unavailable during normal business hours, you are required to contact the Carrier directly to schedule delivery.  If you are not available during normal business hours and you miss the delivery, the freight may be sent back to us and you will incur additional charges to resend the freight. You may also incur a second delivery fee as well.

To assure accurate, safe, and fast delivery of your shipment, it is critical that you read this email carefully and thoroughly.

* WE REQUIRE you to NOTE ANY DAMAGE found to packaging materials and to actual products received ON the DELIVERY BILL of LADING.   

 If damage is found save all packaging, the freight company may want to inspect it. IMPORTANT: If damage is cosmetic and you want to keep the item You must write “Damaged” & also be descriptive of the damage to the item on the BOL  DO NOT write subject to inspection as this will not cover your damage or claim.  The noted damage allows us to file a claim on your behalf if needed. If the damage is beyond cosmetic and you want a new items(s) You must refuse the item completely. Once you sign the BOL, and do not note damage, even if the damage is concealed you are releasing us & the freight company from all liability. 


For certain areas of California that incur extra taxes to ship into the area Free Shipping will not apply.  If we get alerted there are extra taxes. We will need to get a freight quote to your area to see what the extra cost will be.  Customer will be responsible for the extra cost.  Pacific Palisades is one of these areas.    

SHIPPING NOTE: Please keep in mind the Water Hammock is a large item and it's not uncommon for them to get a few scratches along the way in shipping.  If you get a scratch or two with a quick clean over the scratched area they usually disappear from site for the most part.  Scratches will have no effect on the Water Hammocks performance.  Water Hammocks are often dragged in and out of the water (up on docks and over rocky beaches) for years picking up small scratches along the way which is OK it is has no effect on them.  Scratches are not noticeable when the Water Hammocks are out on the water.   We do have a few quick easy tricks for helping with deep scratches if you would like them to disappear.      

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