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  • How quickly will my order ship?
    Once your order is complete and we have received payment in full, we typically ship within 24 hours. We ship Monday - Thursday, our warehouse is closed for shipping on Friday's.
  • What Warranty is offered for the Plastic & Inflatable Water Hammock?
    Water Hammocks come with a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty. If the manufacturer made a mistake that creates a problem we will take care of it. It is extremely rare that we have any warranty issues.
  • What are the folded dimensions of the 8' Inflatable Water Hammock?
    8' inflatable water hammock dimensions folded up are approximately - 27"x15"x10"
  • Can I use the (Hard Plastic) Water Hammock in a pool?
    As long as your pool is large enough to fit the Water Hammock, certainly. We do not recommend leaving the Water Hammock in the pool for extended periods of time. The chlorine in regular and salt water pools will deteriorate the mat over time. One suggestion if you do not wish to take the Water Hammock out of the pool is to flip the Water Hammock over so the mat is not touching the water. See pictured below.
  • How is the (Hard Plastic) Water Hammock Shipped?
    Due to the size of the Water Hammock it must be shipped LTL Truckline. The Water Hammock is shipped with the mat enclosed in a black bag that is secured to the Water Hammock with zip ties and tape. The entire Water Hammock is shipped inside what looks like a big ziplock bag, heavy duty of course.
  • What assembly is required for the (Hard Plastic) Water Hammock?
    - The Water Hammock Mat is attached to the Water Hammock with two zip ties when shipped. Remove the mat from the ring and lay out the mat for installation. - On the backside of the Water Hammock you will see washers with screws built in all around the bottom of the Water Hammock. - Pull bungee over black washers - When the bungee is new it may not be able to go around every black washer on the hammock (as pictured below). It’s OK if you have to skip a few washers to get the bungee on. As long as the mat is pulled tight your Water Hammock is good to go. After some use the bungee will relax a little and allow you to pull it over the remaining black washers.
  • How do I anchor the Water Hammock?
    Secure rope to the black loop which is on the bottom of the Water Hammock. Then secure the rope to a Shed Anchor or Mushroom Anchor (which can be purchased at a local hardware store) or use any other type of anchor system you would like to use.
  • What care instructions does the (Hard Plastic) Water Hammock require?
    The Water Hammock is really very durable. It is made of the same material as a kayak so just soap and water can be used to scrub any dirt or algae off. The mat can be replaced over time, but in residential use it will last for many years.
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