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Water Hammocks are found at
top resorts across the Caribbean
some of our customers include:

The Water Hammock is designed for Commercial use at Resorts and Rental operations.  This product will last for many years and is maintenance-free.  The ring is made of hard plastic (same as a kayak).  Most other floats are inflatable or made of foam and usually have a short life span.  The Water Hammock will far outlast any other floats on the market.  We have been selling the Water Hammocks to Caribbean Resorts for over 15 years and the original ones we sold are still in use today.  Home use can expect a longer life than in commercial use. 

The Water Hammock can accommodate up to six kids or four adults at once.

New Arrivals


“Love this water hammock - built very strong and it is so comfortable too!!! ”

“We purchased the water hammock for our lake after experiencing one while on vacation at a resort. Customer service was great and it has been enjoyed by all in the water!”

“Love our water hammock. Best of both worlds...stay cool in just enough water yet exposed to warming sunshine. ”

“We enjoyed the water hammock at the Viceroy in St. Lucia and wanted one for the lake. We ordered and received it quickly. Everyone from the toddlers to the adults enjoy the water hammock. We have had quite a few people ask where we got it. ”

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